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graph solutions: a Mathematica® Package to Solve Graph Problems

Main Functions:

Shortest Paths Spanning Trees
Maximum Flows Minimum Cost Flows
Traveling Salesman Chinese Postman
Bipartite Matching General Matching

Some Test Functions:

  • Connectivity
  • Cycle Detection
  • Special Structures (tree, topological order)
  • Self-Loops and Parallel Edges
  • Rank of Vertices

Some Auxilliary Functions:

  • Graph Visualization
  • Random Graphs for Tests
  • Conversions
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Special Features:

  • exact methods for education
    heuristic methods for practice

  • safe interfaces for prototyping
    efficient interfaces for productive systems

  • object oriented graph representation
    in matrix or list form

  • high performance
    by use of efficient Mathematica functions and compilation of all methods

  • publication of performance
    order of algorithms and
    run time measurements